Monday, March 19, 2012

What I learned this weekend (March 17-18, 2012)

I think I'd like to make this a weekly topic. That being said, the last time I blogged was over a year ago, so we'll see how this works out. But anways... without any further ado, #whatilearnedthisweekend:

1. If you tell parents that they can drop their kids off for two hours or they can hang out with them for two hours at a birthday party, 100% of them will drop them off. Don't order enough pizza for the parents "just in case".

2. My wife kicks ass. We watched as much March Madness basketball as humanly possible, maybe even more than that, if you count the fact that I had one game on my computer while a different game was on the TV.

3. Speaking of March Madness, everyone says that you don't have to know anything about basketball to win an office pool. I learned that that is 100% right. My 10 year old is kicking everyone's ass.

4. You may have to have an iPhone to get Siri, but semi-worthless, female-voiced, electronic, virtual assistants are available on any platform. Meet Skyvi, an almost cool toy that is available on Android devices everywhere. It takes some practice, but she can update your Facebook status, read your tweets to you, and tell you she's not that kind of girl, just like her fruity counterpart.

I think that's all for today... Happy Birthday to my oldest, now-10-year-old, boy!