Friday, October 22, 2010

Crisis Averted

Again, pretty simple, but much longer than 140 characters!

If you didn't read my last post, do it now otherwise this one will make no sense.  Back? Good.  We shall proceed.

Well apparently it helps when you work for God, because He takes care of His peeps.  My brother, the minister, and his wife are going to have their baby today.  Their doctor, it seems, has planned a vacation for their due date (same date as Game 1 of the World Series) so he made the executive decision to induce today.  They break her water in 11 minutes (timestamp: 12:19PM PDT).  And my brother must have married the second best woman in the world (after Wifey of course) because she's letting him meet me in San Francisco on Wednesday! (TANGENT: I think I'll start capitalizing Wifey.  After all, for blogging and tweeting purposes, that is, has been and will continue to be her name.  Much shorter than mrsfullblownwino or fullblownwifey (although i do like that last one...) ENDTANGENT)

My cousin works for the Arizona Diamondbacks and was able to get us 2 tickets to Game 1 and may be able to get us 2 more to Game 2. There's 3 of us (my dad decided to go) but we'll figure it out!  We have our flights, our tickets and our hotel rooms.  Now we just need the Giants and the Rangers TO CLOSE OUT THESE FUCKING SERIES!!!!!!! Seriously. Enough already.

His new crisis?  His wife may still be in labor during the Rangers game.

Easy jokes to follow:

Doc: Breathe! Breathe!
@gohandrake (his name is Steven. When he was a kid he did that Ke$ha thing with his "s". It kinda stuck, so from here on out I'll be shortening "@gohandrake" to "$"): I'm trying but they have a guy in scoring position with no outs!

[in the waiting room]: Listen to that screaming! Is she already in labor?
No, the Yankees just scored.

$'s wifey: OHMYGODITHURTS!!!!
$: *sniff* I know, I know honey, but we've got Lee throwing tomorrow, so we should be okay.

Doc: Oh my goodness Mr. Valdez, it's twins!
$: No no no, the Yankees eliminated them.  It's the Rangers. I know. They're my favorite team.

*gasps* a nurse: the baby is black!
$: Turn off the TV. Honey, start explaining.

I could go all day with these, but I want to hear yours! @ him & me with your best or leave them in the comments!


PS- Early congrats, kid.  I can't express in words what a joy you'll be feeling today and how happy the whole family is for you. (I'm talking about the baby) (okay and the game too)

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