Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Brother's Household Crisis

Fairly simple actually, but definitely longer than 140 characters.

@gohandrake, AKA my younger brother, is a Texas Rangers fan.  I'm a San Francisco Giants fan.  The Rangers are one game away from their first World Series ever.  The Giants are two wins away from going.  Oh yeah, he lives in Oregon and I live in Arizona.

These all come together in one great opportunity:  San Francisco is about as close to half way between him and me as you're going to get and that's where games 1 & 2 would be if the Giants get to the World Series.  Game 1 on Oct 27, Game 2 on the 28th.  So where's the crisis?

His first baby (Little Audrey Rae, AKA my Li'l Raesin) is due (wait for it...) Oct 27.  So we joke that we're going anyways. Then the Rangers win tonight and the reality of the opportunity becomes much more apparent.  He actually asks his 8 1/2 month preggers wifey if she think it'd be okay if he's out of state the day their baby is due. Guess what she said...

So after getting his balls out of his throat (where she had shoved them after tearing them from his scrotum) and finally convincing her not to move out and in with her parents (otherwise known as "upstairs") he texts me that he "just got shot down big time."  Heh heh - duh!! So we talk and we figure his only chance of going to the World Series is if she goes into labor now-ish.

So I'm asking all of my tweeps to @ him with your best labor inducing ideas.  Please, I implore you.  The life and dreams of a passionate young baseball fan hangs in your hands.


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  1. Hahahaha. Ahem, excuse me. Congrats on the baby, first of all. As a baseball fan you have my sympathy, @gohandrake. However, as a mom, let me just tell you that even if your wife does give birth this week, there is NO WAY she will approve your leaving town to see a baseball game while leaving her with a one week old child. Nope. Not gonna happen.

    On the other hand, once that darling girl is born, I'd wager that the last thought on your mind will be leaving her, even for a World Series game. :)